Help & General Information

What is this website?

This website allows you to create a memorable, short link to (almost) any website address. The link will be in the format, where link-code is replaced either by a string of your choice or a random string.

You can then give this link to your friends or family, or put it in your Twitter feed, or link to it from anywhere else.

It is also possible to upload text content to be linked to, or create links to email addresses or images.

How to create a link

  1. Visit
  2. Select whether you want to link to a website, email address, image or text
  3. Enter the URL (address) of the thing you want to link to (or your text, if linking to some text)
  4. If you want to create your own custom link code, click "advanced" and enter it in the relevant space
  5. Click "link me to it!"
  6. Your new link will be displayed for you

Browser Toolbar Button

Right-click one (or more) the following link and select "Add to Bookmarks" or "Add to Favourites" (depending on the software you use), or drag and drop it on your Links toolbar:

Then, when you visit a website that you would like to share with other people, simply click on the bookmark!

How long will my link be?

Your link, including "http://" will be no longer than 25 characters, unless you choose to create a link code longer than 7 characters.

Will my link be removed?

Generally, a link will only be removed if it violates the Terms of Use.

Reporting illegal activity

If you believe that a link violates the Terms of Use, please email We try to respond to all emails but can't guarantee to do so. Please bear in mind that there are occasionally periods when we are unable to respond to emails within 2 weeks.